Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

RF-X 2.1.6

Full version English

Server Informasi:
- 30x XP (Limit Breaker quest removed)
- GM PTs and Skills
- 50x Animus *currently not as it should be; working on it*
- 40mil per stack of Gli
- Custom Drops on a mob to mob basis
Drop List:

Elan Draco - 50 Palmas/Didalos/Knightwalker Armor
Ace Brutal - 43 Strong Int Armor
ABA - 50 Jetpacks
ABB - 50 Leon Weps
Little Lazhuwardian - Class Redefine Pills
Flems - HP Elementals, Detect Headsets (Acc), Isis (Cora)
Wings - Terra Ammo
Sette Turncoats - Cash Shop Potions (Acc drops Bell, Cora drops Acc, Bell drops Cora)
Sette Ace Bulky Lunkers - UMT, UMT Batteries, PB Scrolls
Calliana Archers - Perfect Elementals
Frost Claw Lunker - 55 Strength Int Superior Armor
Clawed Draco - 55 Strong Int Superior Armor (Acc)
Hook Brutal - 55 Strong Int Superior Armor (Bell)
Red Fang Lunker - 55 Strong Int Superior Armor (Cora)
Red Haired Splinter - 55 Int Weps
Host Mahr and Great Kur - 2.5s CC
Naroom Crawler Scout - Type C 55 Bows and Guns
Naroom Crawler Captain - Type C 55 Staves and Launchers
Naroom Crawler Lieutenant - Type C 55 Knives, Lances, Swords, Axes and Maces
Lazhuwardian Warrior - T3 Gems
Junior Reaper - T4 Gems
Reaper - T5 Gems
Spell Lazhuwardian - Keen, Favor, Mercy, Grace and Darkness Talics

Patch Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YW3R9F04
Forum: http://rf-x.com/forum/index.php
GameCP: http://cp.rf-x.com/index.php

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