Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

Esuna Luna Semi Plus

EXP: 200x
Gold: 75x
Drop: 200x
Guild EXP: 10x

Our current forum maybe up or down sometimes cuz we are still working on our host, but the link is:-


We are also hiring any help which we need which can be given (please refer to introductory brochure for information).

Esuna Luna 1/2 Plus Introductory Brochure
Esuna Luna 1/2 Plus Fighter Brochure
Esuna Luna 1/2 Plus Rogue Brochure
Esuna Luna 1/2 Plus Mage Brochure


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Fix for Windows 7 and Vista (use this if the font is too small for you).

Esuna Luna Online.exe



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