Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011


Launch CB 18 agustus 2011

Rate exp 200x
Rate drop 200x
Rate Mining 50x
Rate animus 200x
NPC Golden Vendor ready
All Dungeon Open
Drop info:
1. Armor 63 @naroom crawler scout and naroom crawler capt
2. weapon 60 @cremul snatcher scout
3. Upgrader medium @ sting host marr and hive marr BM(talic)
4. Elemental High all race @scud lava
5. Relic 45 @ assasin builder A a.k.a ABA(slot random)
6. Burst,deff,pill exp recover,separation jade, and Class redefine @ npc item
7. Gold box = CHIP destroy drop Gold box

websitenya: http://www.rfdiablo.com/
downloadnya: http://www.rfdiablo.com/index.php?/f...load-patch-ob/

Cara install:
1. Punya RF indo golden mystery
2. Timpa pake patch OB diablo

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