Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

Cheat Wild Ones Unlimited Ammo

Wild Ones Unlimited Ammo Cheat follow the steps below :

What you need :
Powerful Weapon without Value (Example you have no gamma star)
Cheat Engine 6.0

  • Put a hotkey on it (press Shift + # to set a hotkey)
  • Open Cheat Engine 6.0 then target your browser
  • Go to practice mode
  • Get your Weapon that is not 0 in value(not normal missile)
  • Scan the Value of your Weapon value
  • Then shoot it, scan again the value until you have 1 address in Cheat Engine
  • Now double click on that address (the address will go to the address list)
  • Right click on the address at the address list then click "Find out what writes to this address"
  • Then a new window of Cheat Engine will Pop-up, Shoot again in wild ones
  • Look the the new pop up of Cheat Engine, click on the address appeared then click replace then click ok
  • Your Ammo is now unlimited (press the # you set to use a Weapon Without Ammo!

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