Jumat, 02 September 2011

Rf New Lord 2.2.3

RF New Lord 2.2.3

"Server: Coming Soon
»Version: 2.2.3
»Experience: Hit up
"Animus Rate: High
"PT's - Skill's and Buff's: GM
"Quest 50/56: OFF
"Drop Rate: High
"Lev Maximum: 65

• NPCs
»Armor Ref: 35-63
»Weapons Ref: 35-60
»Shields: 35 - 65
"And T3 Talic

• Drop's (Most Important)
"Elemental 25/20 and 25/25: Flem
»Weapons lvl 1: Young Flem
"Blade and Legaccy Pirula 100% xp: Watch
"Talic and T5: Baba and Draco Elan
»Set lv 65: Metal Elf From the end of Oc
"Elemental DH: PB Block Hell
»Set Dragon: Flen Sethe
»Weapons leo T3: Guard Shield Metal Elf
»DH Elemental: Holy Dark Elf Magician

• Farm's
"Colonies: ABA

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